Roed is Droof
Roed is Droof

The band ‘Roed is Droof’ was founded in 1955 as a court band of Carnival association ‘The Druugsjliepers’. The band is composed of about 24 musicians of Koninklijke Harmonie Sainte Cécile Eijsden and is conducted by its inspiring musical leader Paul van Aubel.
‘Roed is Droof’ is especially active in the Carnival season but also beyond the band is in on it whenever a light musical repertoire is desired. The repertoire includes polkas, waltzes, carnival songs, pop songs and other party music. ‘Roed is Droof’ is the court band at the ‘N.U.L.’ sessions of the University of Maastricht where, in the recent past, they performed in co-operation with Gé Reinders. In the past they performed many times both at home and abroad.
In the early seventies the band already made some concert tours to Austria to where another tour is planned in September 2010. They will give concerts in Kaprun and the surrounding area.

For more information please contact Mr. R. Waterval tel. +31 (0) 43-409 1476