Cultural Centre


The building itself dates from 1858. The left wing served as Town Hall, the primary boys’ school was located in the middle and in the right wing was the teacher’s house. When in 1917 a new Town Hall was built (nowadays “Oude Raadhuis”) and the school also moved to a new location in the Breusterstraat (nowadays “Breusterhof”) the building served various purposes. The middle section temporarily remained in use as school. In the right part was “a dairy” which was a distribution centre for supply and removal of milk. On the left were a dwelling-house and a store with groceries. This store was called “Centra”.
The building complex, owned by the Roman Catholic Church and Parish of Saint Martinus in Breust-Eijsden, was subject to conversion after the “dairy” was closed. The central part was converted into a Parish house which also accommodated a library. The right part became the residence of the manager of the Parish House.

Foundation Cultural Centre

In 1978 the buildings were purchased by the Foundation Cultural Centre Eijsden. Main objective of this foundation, initiated by the Koninklijke Harmonie Sainte Cécile, has always been the guarantee of a suitable location for all sections of Sainte Cécile.
After a major renovation the building complex was inaugurated in 1980 as the club building of Koninklijke Harmonie Sainte Cécile. Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers could this renovation be accomplished.
In 2005 the club-room underwent another major renovation. The concert hall was enlarged and additional facilities such as kitchen, toilets, disabled toilets, escape routes and escape doors, soundproofing and ventilation were updated. The accommodation includes a concert hall, a ballroom, several meeting rooms, a café, billiards and an outdoor terrace. Here one can book concerts (both classical and pop), discos, (business) celebrations, wedding parties, first communion parties, lunches, theatre performances, exhibitions, meetings, courses, flea markets and bingo evenings.
The café is perfectly suitable for parties up to 120 people, in the basement there is ample room for 300 people whereas the concert hall can seat between 300-700 guests.

Cultural Centre Eijsden is centrally located, close to the old village heart of Eijsden and right next to the monumental City Hall (the former Ursuline Convent)
In the immediate vicinity you will find plenty of free parking places. The old village centre is at walking distance where you might pay a visit to Eijsden Castle, the place where Sainte Cécile’s history all began.
If you are interested and want to make use of the facilities of the Cultural Centre please feel free to contact one of the following people:
Wilbert Steijns, Secretary, tel +31 (0) 43-4094277
Jos Rompelberg, Treasurer, tel +31 (0) 43-4094405
For more information: cultureelcentrum@saintececile.nl