The Wind Orchestra of the Koninklijke Harmonie Sainte Cécile has 110 playing members. It consists of brass- and wooden wind instruments, percussion and double-bass. Often cellos are added especially at concerts. The orchestra competes in the highest musical division, The “Concert Division”. Over the years the Wind Orchestra has proved itself to be a renowned and stable orchestra. Right from its foundation the orchestra only won first prizes or first prizes with distinction at competitions at home and abroad. Currently the corps is conducted by Mr. Jan Cober. Sainte Cécile incidentally is the only amateur society led by Mr.Cober. Assistant conductor is Mr. Jos Roeden.
The Orchestra has a twofold function. In the first place they give many concerts throughout the country and abroad. These concerts are performed both by the entire orchestra as well as by small ensembles. Ensembles from various registers also play chamber music.
Secondly the Koninklijke Harmonie plays an important part in street performances. Together with the Drum-and Bugle Corps (TKK) they add lustre to religious, festive and/or cultural events in the region and far beyond. They also jointly take part in tattoos at home and abroad