Honorary (board) members
Honarary board members

Sainte Cécile is very proud of the fact that the General Assembly of our society has appointed a large group of honorary board members, honorary members, board members of merit and members of merit who deserve or have deserved a special status by devoting their specific energies to the well-being of Sainte Cécile. Since its foundation the musical society is supported by the Count and Countess of Castle Eijsden and up to this day the presidency of Sainte Cécile is filled by a descendant of this family.

Countess B. de Liedekerke de Pailhe de Ribaucourt

Count R. de Liedekerke de Pailhe

Honorary Board members Honorary members
Mr. J. Bronckers Mr. H. Brouwers
Mr. Fr. Cortenraad Mr. M. Rompelberg
Mr. Jo Cortenraedt
Mr. G. van der Cruijs Mr. J. van Lieshout
Mr. Camiel Eurlings Mr. H. Ramaekers (honorary conductor)
Mr. M. Houbiers Mr. J. Rompelberg
Mr. Fernand Jadoul
Mr. Camille Oostwegel
Mr. André Rieu
Mr. Wiebe Bijker

Board members of merit:
Count M. de Liedekerke de Pailhe
Mr. R. Huijnen †
Mr. T. Jacobs †
Mr. P. van Aubel
Mr. Jef Rompelberg
Mr. W. Wijnands

Members of merit
Mr. J. Haenen  Mr. A. Janssen
Mr. A. Pachen Mr. P. Liebens
Mr. J. Janssen Mr. H. van de Loo
Mr. C. Jeukens Mr. P. Kluten
Mr. L. Jeukens Mr. H, Boesten
Mr. Jean Kempener Mr. P. Soudant
Mr. Jef  Kempener Mr. J. Theunissen
Mr. B. Kluten

Board members Sainte Cécile

The Board of Koninklijke Harmonie Sainte Cecile consists of the following persons:

Executive Board
Mr. Anton Janssen (Chairman) Mr. Anton Janssen (Wind Orchestra)
Mr. Jef Rutten (Secretary) Mr. Eddy Piters (Drum and TKK)
Mr. Guy Rutten (Treasurer)
General Board
Mr. Bart van Laar Mr. Math Rasquin
Mr. Jan Jacobs Mr. Huub Rompelberg
Mr. Fred Wolfs Mr. Jos Rompelberg
Mr. Marti Jacobs Mr. Jos Dassen
Mrs. Elly Stevens Mr. Jos Warnier